What Mel loves about Bandon, Oregon!

Hi Everyone:

Besides internationally acclaimed golf we are excellent for fishing(ocean, river, surf, bay crabbing), hiking, bird watching(also internationally acclaimed), beach combing, agate collecting.

Our town has a nice hospital open 24-7. We have a newer library, community center. We are fund-raising for a swimming pool. Many clubs and service organizations are active including Veterans, Lions, Elk, Rotary, etc.

There is a Wildlife Safari here. There is a wildlife rehabilitation center if you would like to do that. There is a group that reads with the school children. Besides many State and County Parks along the beaches, rivers and lakes, there are 2 National Wildlife Refuges here, the Oregon Islands and the Bandon Marsh.

Someone donated 800 or so acres to the Marsh and so now Google Bandon Salt Marsh Restoration one of the biggest salt marsh restorations in recent history which will enhance wildlife more. Fishing was excellent this past year already.

There is a large artist’s community and a variety of events. There are 2 theater Groups, one that work with children all year round and the other that is for adults and children. With our own theatre that is 10 years old we constantly have touring music groups as well the local productions. IT is a good walking/biking community. Contact the Bando Chamber of Commerce for more details!

So if you think Bandon might be a place for your to move to or build a second vacation home, then please visit our online auction website at www.BandonHomeSiteAuction.com and give Carla a call!

Thanks, Mel


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Real estate academic and consumer advocate exploring new, online real estate auctioning strategies on luxury properties.
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